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Learn about integrated water resource management whilst having fun along the way!

There are prizes to be won and 2016 champions to be found!

Introducing the inaugural NZ Aqua Republica Eco Challenge, where schools from both the North and the South Islands have opted to take part in a competition playing a serious game designed for better understanding how to manage integrated water catchments. The event will see teams across the nation compete for regional and national prizes.

The game provides an innovative way to inform New Zealanders in water resource management and the intrinsic trade-offs involved when considering these resources. The concept presents a bird’s eye view and whole system approach to integrated water resource management. As well as fostering personal responsibility through decisions made within the serious game, there is also a strong element of lifelong learning as it allows a growth in capacity and capabilities within environmental education.

The first NZAR Eco Challenge will reach the regions of Bay of Plenty, Canterbury, Wellington, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Auckland, Tasman and the Waikato. Interested community groups are also able to play the game through contacting the Science Learning Hub. Get in touch if you would like to play and be a part of the NZAR Eco Challenge.

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“The multiple decisions that the player has to take reflects the complexities of decision making and governance in the world, questioning ethical / non-ethical decisions that are made.” – Michele Tang, Teacher, Catholic High School Singapore

“I like the opportunity for students to experience a multitude of problems with water caused by people and to be able to try out a variety of water management strategies and policies” - Wieneke Maris, Teacher, Presbyterian Ladies' College, Australia

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